Privacy and Cookie policy (updated march 2020)

Our website doesn’t need to collect visitors’ names and data, because we are not interested in profiling our visitors. So
we can avoid the banners requested by national and European laws to obtain the user’s consent, that waste visitors’ time
and discourage the use of the Internet.

Therefore this site uses only technical cookies, i.e.:
 Session cookies supporting the webmaster page editing functions.
 Third party technical anonymized cookies, that allow Youtube, Google Analytics and Google translator services
without collecting users’ personal data. More details about are available in the following description.

This site also includes links to other sites that may use cookies: these sites are not under our control and responsibility.
Our Youtube videos have privacy-enhanced mode enabled, therefore they cannot store information about our visitors,
according to the Google-Youtube guide:
Google Analytics
In order to detect and optimize the site traffic we use an anonimyzed version of Google Analytics, that avoids visitors’
profilation. See for more information.
Google Translate
Google Translate sets two third party technical cookies:

 googtrans – This cookie stores the translation preference: it contains translation languages, e.g. “/en/it (English to
Italian)”, and expires when the visitor closes the browser

 PREF – The PREF cookie remembers basic preferences, such as choice of language, format of search results, how to
display information, … : so the visitor don’t need to set preferences each time he use the site. It expires in 2 years.
Its structure looks like this:

“ID=bc7ff7f16d0d774f:TM=1335534573:LM=1335534573:S=zPM87avT1rR0zWvi” , where
ID = browser identifier; TM = timestamp of when the cookie was created; LM = timestamp of when the browser
preferences were last changed; S = digital signature generated by Google which works in combination with page
address settings (e.g. in the Google books site it is used to show only a few pages of the book).
Turning Cookies Off
To detect and block any kind of cookies we suggest to install the Gostery software ( on your browser.

You can also switch cookies off by setting your browser settings to refuse cookies. More information is available at and:

 Chrome:
 Firefox:
 Safari:
 Explorer:
Doing so, however, you will likely limit the functionality of many websites, as most modern websites use cookies to
support a number of important features.
Legal reference
This information has been written in compliance with the personal data protection Italian law n. 229/2014 on the use of
Cookies, with Art. 10 of the EC Directive n. 95/46, and Directive 2002/58 / CE, updated by Directive 2009/136 / EC and
with the RGPD 2016/679.

Sorry to annoy you with this boring and quite useless information (organizations interested in profiling people can do that
better without using cookies), but unfortunately all that is imposed by EU and national laws, sometimes written by people
without a deep knowledge of these complex and rapidly evolving technical matters.
All web experts hope that European member states will enact new laws more useful to the internet community and less
harmful for European companies facing world wide competition.
For additional information pls. contact us using the CONTACT links of this site.